Simplicity is always beautiful

Somewhere in the green mountains of Himalayas, two sages were walking along the banks of river Ganga. It was the time of monsoons, the clouds were thick and the green in the trees was more rich than ever. The river Ganga was raging high with turbulence. The sound of the gushing water was echoing in the valley.


The older of the two sages asked the other, “Look at the river, what do you notice?”.

The other sage replied “It looks magnificent! Flowing with so much freedom and exuberance. She seems so carefree”.

“Oh yes indeed. So why don’t you swim through this river and get to the other side?” asked the grey- bearded sage.

“That’s impossible! I will be swept off.” said the younger astonished sage.

The elderly sage then asked “How about you fetch some water from the river then”.

The younger sage was astonished and said “But the water is too muddy and it cannot be consumed. Surely you must be knowing that”.

The wise sage then said “Yes my friend, I am absolutely aware of it. But see how the river that you once started describing as magnificent later became muddy for you. On the other hand, in the season of winter the same river is completely different. The water then is much more stable and clear. You can easily get to the other side. You can even quench your thirst with that water and give it to others too.


Mind is like a river and its sediments are its thoughts.When the mind is agitated and  excited, it’s on a rampage. The sediments of its thoughts are unsettled. This kind of a mind cannot quench anyone’s thirst  and is hazardous for everyone. Whereas a simple and peaceful  mind is like river in the winter season. Its sediments are settled. The water can quench the thirst and one can cross the rive with ease. A person with such a simple mind has an absolute control on himself. He may not seem magnificent but his thoughts are clear and people in his surroundings benefit from him”.




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15 thoughts on “Simplicity is always beautiful

  1. Great start!

    The best way to look at the rampaged river of thoughts is to stand on the banks and observe and you will be able to reflect clearly, if jump in to it you will be going with gush of the current. Another analogy generally used for river Ganga is ‘the flow of Knowledge’. If knowledge is flowing it will wash away all the dirt in the mind and makes the mind still & calm.

    Keep thinking, keep dreaming & keep writing!!

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  2. Like your title suggests, you have put across your view beautifully, in such a simple way! Thanks for this work, since it comes at a phase in my life where everything is happening too fast and being swept away was the only option left. This reminded me to take my time with my decisions.

    Looking forward to the next one!

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  3. “A person with such a simple mind has an absolute control on himself. He may not seem magnificent but his thoughts are clear and people in his surroundings benefit from him.”

    Nice line 🙂 Simplicity is such a beautiful thing!

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  4. I love how you keep the write up short, but it holds such great and fresh content for the readers. Keep up the good work Sanchit. Enjoyed the read

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