The five words

Hi bloggers and readers! Long time since I met you all. Yes, it has been a long while since I last uploaded an article, but now I am all set to revive the blog.

In this post I would like to share a short story that I wrote during one of my writing exercises as part of my creative writing class. My lecturer asked us to write a paragraph using these five words : blue, present, minute, dog, wound and this is what I came up with it.

I wanted to give my friend a present for her birthday for which I started to do my so called ‘market research’. I knew my friend’s likes and dislikes and with that, I decided to look for the best possible present. Despite searching extensively, I couldn’t find anything that was good enough. Then finally when all the hopes seemed lost, I saw a dog adoption center, which was in its last minutes of the day’s operation. There I found dog in a blue basket with a small note that said “I was left alone by my own owner and I am wounded. Please adopt me”. When I gave this dog as a gift to my friend, there were tears in her eyes. Today, even after twenty years, this is the most precious memory I have of my wife.


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