My Mother

My mother

Sometimes the coincidences in life can really surprise you and make you think if there was hand of destiny involved in this, as I write this essay on my mother, on my mother’s birthday. Mother, a word of six alphabets but encompasses emotions of six worlds or more. Every human who was ever born owes his existence to his mother’s 9 month labor and there’s no denying that. But for those of us who had difficult birth like I did, we know that the troubles we gave to our mother were a lot more than 9 months. Or maybe it’s the way my mom puts it, that I still continue to do so even after so many years and this is what amazes me that how much can a woman endure for her child. How does she wake up at the same time, do those same chores without fail and also find time to give me some lines of ‘wisdom’ and do this consistently for so many years.

My mom is a very emotional woman and she can find new levels of emotions every now and then. Her love for her children will makes her do unthinkable things even when she has high fever or has a broken leg. I get awestruck just by thinking how does she continue to work this way even after so many years and I wonder how much can a person sacrifice for someone else? When mom is happy she becomes so adorable when I say ‘Mom you look so beautiful’ and she will blush like a baby but try to cover it up by saying ‘Liar! I look so old, just like a mother of two adults’ and I further say ‘No mom, you look so young. You can take admission in my college and become my classmate. Someone should see the way she melts then. Mother does everything wholeheartedly even when she’s scolding me and sometimes I argue with her and she will just stop talking to me. She won’t look at me, she won’t smile but she will still wake up early, cook the food, pack it in a box and quietly keep it on the table. I wonder what is there in her mind, is it I don’t want to talk to you, but I also don’t want you to go hungry and to think of this is heart warming. Only she will have those fears, those tears, those harsh words, those smiles reserved for me because no one cares about me as much as my mom does. When she angrily says, “Why can’t you eat your breakfast??” or “Why can’t study properly?”, it may not strike me in that very moment, but I know what she is trying to say which is “Please eat before you leave the house” and “Study properly because it will help you in future”.

I am not sure if I can call this essay a tribute to my mother because I think you can give tribute to someone whose contributions are countable. I don’t think anyone has successfully given the most perfect or the most complete tribute to their mother. Nevertheless it’s the least that I can do but it still is enough to make her cry.

Received Blogger Recognition Award


I logged into my blog after a long while only to find that have been given a unexpected surprise.. The Blogger Achievement Award!. With joy and happiness, what also came to  my mind was a thought that in your pursuit to achieve something despite all the hindrances, you will always find people who will motivate you in their own ways. Many a times this motivation comes unexpectedly. So thank you Sarah for giving me this award! I am so glad that you found my blog interesting. Sarah herself has a great blog. It’s straightforward with uncanny humor. .

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Here are the rules to participate for participating in this award. (as copied from Sarah’s recognition post.)

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How did it all start?

Somewhere around last year the desire to manifest my thoughts became really strong. I wanted to share my observations, anecdotes, experiences and perceptions with the world. Also this blog was first steps towards becoming a writer and felt that maintaining a blog will give me the much required learning platform and maybe someday a testing ground.


As a piece of advice I would like to say that strike a balance between what you want to say and how appealing it is to your audience. Always strive to reach that sweet spot! When done with writing your post, before posting reading it once like you are reading someone else’s work. That way you become a better critique of your work.

My Nominees

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A New Beginning

You wake up every day to a new morning and get into your usual motion of fulfilling your necessities and desires. But while doing your daily chores, do you stop and wonder why some things are the way they are. Is this moment right now telling you something? Do you notice something that’s not right, maybe in your surroundings or in any part of the world. This blog is a reflection of such thoughts.

Hi. I am Sanchit Rao, a business management graduate who lives in Mumbai, India. After living in 9 cities, 3 countries in twenty something years you are likely to have a kaleidoscope of experiences. I was constantly exposed to a side of this world that I had never seen before. Every time I thought I have known enough, I was humbled by the magnanimous nature of this world. Interactions with people from different cultures just showed me that we all are so different and can learn so much from each other; yet we are all the same and are part of the same collective consciousness.

With all this relocation came different educational systems. Along the way, I learnt how crucial it is to know how to critically analyze in this era where many try to influence and manipulate. To have an independent opinion based on facts, but continue to remain open to other’s views for we are always in pursuit of true knowledge.

If there is one thing that rejuvenates me more than anything, it is thinking, dreaming and reflecting. In this world where everyone wants to ‘just do it’, its very easy to confuse a thinker as someone who is habitually lost in a parallel world. On the other hand,I believe that thinking makes one more aware of their surroundings because you feel various emotions, gain deeper understanding of things and can create new possibilities.Thus I have always tried to be observant of my surroundings and its aspects like family traditions, religious customs, human behavior, acts of kindness and human sufferings and sometimes I realize that they have a larger message or a bigger purpose.

What made me write this blog was an urge to put these thoughts into words and share them. The root of this urge can be traced back to the emotional exodus of Syrian refugees and their sufferings during the civil war. Those events wrenched everyone’s heart and made me wonder how many innocent Alan Kurdis out there were becoming victims? Also its not only from some far off land that you hear of human suffering. In our own surroundings we hear similar instances.

But after every enduring struggle comes rejoice. Many of those refugees have been rehabilitated.

Hope after Terror: By C.Puisney*

Right here in India, struggles of a poor rickshaw vendor’s family resulted in his son becoming an Indian Administrative
Service officer. Life is a constant tussle between sorrow and happiness and this very nature of life I felt was something I could reflect and write on. Hence this blog is for anyone who would like to read reflections on how I see life and its different emotions. These could be from my personal experiences, from what I 
see in my surroundings or an event that is taking place in another part of the world.

I would love to hear feedback, suggestions or comments on the topics that will be covered.

Happy Reading!

*By (c) C.Puisney ((c) C.Puisney) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons